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Everyone from all around the world accepts the fact that Korean actors and actresses are unmatched when it comes to good looks. Hence, in this article, we will showcase the Top 15 Most Handsome Korean actors without surgery in 2022 Ranked.

Korea is famous for its plastic surgeries, but the actors that we will be discussing today are naturally born handsome and attractive. Their faces are envied by many, and on top of being stunning, they are extraordinary entertainers who rose to fame because of their performance.

Go ahead and see if your favorite actor is on our list of Top 15 Most Handsome Korean actors without surgery in 2022 Ranked.

Top 15 Most Handsome Korean actors without surgery in 2023 Ranked - OtakusNotes (1)

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Top 15 Most Handsome Korean actors without surgery in 2022 Ranked-

  • 15) Song Joong Ki –

Age – 36

Popular Movies/ DramasThe Innocent Man,Descendants of the Sun,A Werewolf Boy,The Battleship Island

Song Joong Ki is a prominent South Korean actor famous for his natural handsomeness. In his youth, he was a talented skater but he had to give it up because of an injury.

He made his debut with the highly acclaimed historical movie A Frozen Flower. But it was through A Warewolf Boy, a fantasy movie, that he started his successful career.

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Top 15 Most Handsome Korean actors without surgery in 2023 Ranked - OtakusNotes (2)

  • 14) Kang Ha Neul –

Age –31

Popular Movies/ DramasScarlet Heart Ryeo,When the Camellia Blooms, Midnight Runners,Forgotten

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This actor is famous for his acting and the handsome features that he naturally possesses. He started his career with musical theatre and then moved on to television dramas.

It was in 2016, that his career started to reach new heights with successful projects like the filmDongju: The Portrait of a Poetand the seriesScarlet Heart Ryeo. He is also the recipient of many accolades, most notably the Best Actor Award at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards.

  • 13) Won Bin –

Age –44

Popular Movies/ Dramas Mother, The Man from Nowhere, Friends, Autumn in My Heart, My Brother

This veteran actor has starred in few but exceptionally successful movies and dramas that shaped the Korean industry. As an introverted child, he started Taekwondo and even holds a black belt in it.

He started working as an actor after being recruited by a cable television network when he was in high school. His screen debut was with the film Propose, but it was with the drama Tough Guy’s Love that he saw immense success.

  • 12) Jang Dong Yoon –

Age –29

Popular Movies/ DramasThe Tale of Nokdu, Search, Beautiful Days, School 2017

He is one of the most handsome Korean actors without surgery who is also great at acting. He became famous even before he started acting when he successfully caught a robber while studying in university.

He then started acting in the web drama Women at a Game Companyand later inSolomon’s Perjury. And it is through the drama The Tale of Nokdu, that he received widespread acclaim for his role as a cross-dressing protagonist.

  • 11) Lee Seung-gi –

Age –35

Popular Movies/ DramasMouse, Vagabond, The Princess and the Matchmaker,My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho

This singer turned actor is famous for his boyish face and great acting skills. He is often called the Triple Threat entertainer for his talent as a host, actor, and singer.

His acting career started with the seriesNonstop 5and, he officially debuted with the drama The Infamous Chil Sisters. Now, he is one of the highest-paid actors in Korea and is also famous in other parts of Asia.

  • 10) Song Kang –

Age –27

Popular Movies/ DramasBeautiful Vampire, Sweet Home, Nevertheless, Navillera

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This Korean actor has a charming smile and is famous for his jealous-worthy face. He started his career with the series The Liar and His Lover as a supporting cast and, quickly rose to fame.

In that same year, he appeared in music videos of talented singer Suran. His instant stardom is also thanks to Netflix, as his big break was the Netflix original Love Alarm.

  • 9) Jang Ki Young –

Age –29

Popular Movies/ DramasSweet & Sour, Now, We Are Breaking Up, My Roommate Is a Gumiho

Jang Ki Young is another Korean actor famous for his charming features and handsome face. He has a very successful modeling career and has achieved numerous accolades in this field, including the Fashion Model Award at the Asia Model Awards of 2014.

His acting career started with his minor appearance in the Korean dramaIt’s Okay, That’s Love. It was in the dramaThe Greatest Marriage that he first got a proper role.

  • 8) Seo Kang Joon –

Age –34

Popular Movies/ Dramas– The Third Charm,Watcher,When The Weather Is Fine, A Year-End Medley

He started his career as a part-time model and got the chance to debut as a musician after auditioning for a program called Actor’s League.

At first, he only got minor roles to play but, it was with the drama The Suspicious Housekeeper that he got more recognition. His first breakthrough project was his role as a second male lead in the romantic drama, Cheese in the Trap.

  • 7) Kim Soo Hyun –

Age – 33

Popular Movies/ Dramas Miss Granny, Real, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, One Ordinary Day

Kim Soo Hyun is one of the most successful and highest-paid actors in the South Korean industry who is handsome without plastic surgery. He started acting on the recommendation of his mother to overcome his introverted personality but soon found himself enjoying it.

He also started acting in theatres and landed his first role as Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream’s stageplay. But it was in 2007 with the series Kimchi Cheese Smile that he first made his television debut.

  • 6) Cha Eun Woo –

Age – 24

Popular Movies/ DramasMy Brilliant Life, Gangnam Beauty, True Beauty

(Video) 20 Most Beautiful Kid Models From Around The World

This singer-actor became famous at a very young age for his handsome features and his many talents. Even though he started as a member of the Korean boy group Astro, he soon established himself as a successful actor.

He debuted withMy Brilliant Life,where he had a small role. His major breakthrough was with the drama, True Beauty which, was based on the famous webtoon of the same name.

  • 5) Kim Jae Wook –

Age –38

Popular Movies/ DramasAnother Way, Antique, Her Private Life, Coffee Prince

This Korean actor is famous for his sharp features and perfect face. At first, he was a part of a band, and then he started his career as a model when he was 17. He can also speak fluent Japanese because he spent quite some time in Japan.

His first drama wasRuler of Your Own World,after which he returned back to his modeling career. It was through his first film, Antique, that he got widespread recognition.

  • 4) Gong Yoo –

Age –42

Popular Movies/ DramasSilenced,Train to Busan, Goblin, The Silent Sea

This internationally famous South Korean actor is one of the most handsome actors without plastic surgery. He is also known for being a descendant of the famous Chinese philosopher Confucius.

First, he started his career as the video jockey for Mnet, and then he later debuted with the series School 4. Even though he has always been a successful actor in his own right, it was through Train to Busan that saw a new high in his acting career.

  • 3) Park Bo Gum –

Age – 28

Popular Movies/ DramasReply 1988, Love in the Moonlight, Seo Bok

This naturally handsome Korean actor is famous for his diverse roles. He’s also very talented as he started playing piano at a young age and was also a part of the varsity swimming team in his school.

His first acting debut was in the film, Blind where he played a supporting role. Later, he went on to act in various successful dramas like Hello Monster, which further accelerated his growing career.

  • 2) Lee Joon gi –

Age – 39

Popular Movies/ DramasNever Said Goodbye, The King and the Clown, Flower of Evil, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

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Lee Joon Gi is famous for his beautiful face, which makes him look way younger than his age. Before becoming famous, he struggled a lot to get good roles and had to act in minor ones.

But thankfully, he got the chance to showcase his brilliant acting skills in the movie The King and the Clown, for which he received widespread acclaim. He is also the one who started the ‘pretty boy‘ trend.

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  • 1) Lee Min Ho –

Age –34

Popular Movies/ DramasBounty Hunters, Gangnam Blues, The Legend of the Blue Sea, The King: Eternal Monarch

Lee Min Ho is undoubtedly one of the most handsome Korean actors without any surgery. He’s also one of the most famous actors in the industry today who has a huge fan following even outside Korea.

He started his acting career with the series Secret Campus, but it was through the adaptation of the shoujo manga Boys over Flowers that he got his breakthrough success. It made him so famous that he started another Korean wave which solidified his position as a top Hallyu star.

We tried our level best to include the 15 most handsome actors but, it is obvious that we couldn’t mention everyone. But do not worry, as we promise to include your favs in a different article, so stay tuned for more entertaining content.

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Top 15 Most Handsome Korean actors without surgery in 2023 Ranked - OtakusNotes (3)

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